Usual price for the full 6-week plan is already a bargain at £50 but on Wayne’s request, as an introductory offer, he has reduced the price to just £15!, that's a Massive 70% Discount!
Wayne Bridge Presents His
6 Week training Guide
Challenge Yourself
Be The Best You Can Be
I’ve always loved training and challenging myself both physically and mentally, and fitness has continued to play a big part in my life since retiring from professional football. 
For a while now, I’ve been sharing some of the challenges I do in the gym on my Instagram account, and have received a lot of comments and questions about how I train, hat I do in my sessions and if I can provide people with plans...and now I’m pleased to say I can!
"I have learnt how to motivate myself daily and it’s extremely rewarding, and that’s why I decided to create this guide. I want to help encourage you to push yourself and become the best version of you that you can be." 
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A Personal Note From Wayne Bridge
I don’t walk around with a chiselled physique 365 days of the year. Instead I work on maintaining a solid fitness level all year round and then focusing on specific goals and challenges as and when they come around, such as a half marathon, a trek or even a challenge as big as Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins. 

I’ve worked with some of the best industry professionals to bring this plan to life and it really is for everyone. If you’re a beginner you will never feel left behind and if you’re already super fit you will always be challenged. 

Everyone has different health and fitness goals, some are based on how your body looks, some on how your body performs and some on a combination of both. This plan covers all will help you get in shape, massively elevate your fitness levels and it’s full of variety so you’ll never get bored!

No crazy dieting, just proper training and eating, the way I have got in shape for all my challenges over the years. 

Wayne’s PLAN
6 Week Training & Nutrition Guide  
Fitness Test and Easy To Follow Healthy Recipes. 
INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL OFFER: Usual price for the full 6 week plan is already a bargain at £50, but on at Wayne’s request, for a limited time ONLY he has reduced the price to a giveaway £15 that is a Massive 70% Discount!
what do you actually get?
6 Week Guide
by Wayne Bridge
  • 12 x Workout Videos Unlimited Access To All Videos 
  • Training Guide In Your Download & Keep PDF
  • Nutrition Guide In Your Download & Keep PDF
  • Recipe Ideas In Your Download & Keep PDF
  • Fitness Test Track Your Progress & Results 
believe in yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS.
Believe In Yourself, Challenge Yourself...You Can Do It!
INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL OFFER: Usual price for the full 6-week plan is already a bargain at £50, but on Wayne’s request, for a limited time ONLY he's reduced the price to a giveaway £15 that is a Massive 70% Discount!
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